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USS Pathfinder
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2366: Starfleet issues a general design brief for a Science vessel to replace the aging Oberth Class ship, capable of scientific, survey, and short range exploration missions. The general idea is for a modular starship based on the Defiant Pathfinder design. The project brief for the Nova class is handed to Starfleet Permission for base designs are approved. Starfleet views the theoretical proposals for the class. After deliberation, 90% of the pathfinder's weapons are removed to make room for Scientific Equipment and Labs. Primary design, which had been passed before as the Defiant pathfinder, is reviewed and again approved and briefs for the propulsion, computer, weapons and spaceframe parameters are sent out to Starfleet design agencies for consultation.

2367: Propulsion dynamic are approved and sent to the Jupiter Station. They send back new warp core for the class. which has roughly 1/2 the output of the Defiant core. Later in the year M/ARA design is standardized for the Class. Spaceframe design is approved and full specifications are forwarded to Avalon Fleet Yards for designations. USS Nova production begins with a projected 2 year turnover for the prototype. Modified Sovereign class nacelles are used, and made standard in the Class. The primary hull begins construction.

2368: Primary hull 65% completion. Computers are delivered for fitting work. Work continues on habitat and out hull sections for ship. Three more ships are begun, USS Coral Sea, USS Equinox, and USS Stephen Hawking. Late in year computer cores are activated and ship functions begin to be transferred from Station Control to ship control.

2369: Computer system now operating at 60% of maximum. System expected to become self aware within the year. Warpcore begins primary testing. Primary magnetic containment malfunction found and corrected. Primary hull 100% complete bridge module attached.

2368: Warp core passes Review Three and it tested to 80% peak. Computer system fully self aware and umbilical from the station are cut as the ship become self sufficient. Impulse systems pass Review Three and being autonomous low level power control. Secondary backup generators are shut down and become auxiliary system control. Weapons systems installed. USS Nova leaves Dry Dock for primary testing.

2369: USS Nova returns to Avalon early in year. Warp Stress Coating is applied and the ship begins Deep Space assessments. USS Coral Sea and USS Equinox complete construction reviews and begin testing.

USS Nova returns to the Avalon Shipyards for final exterior markings and paint. On 9, May 2369 the USS Nova is officially commissioned by Starfleet at The Avalon Fleet Yards during a brief ceremony. Bridge plaque is put in pride of place and Betazoid Captain Conen Tre takes command of the ship. USS Nova is ordered to begin shakedown cruises estimate to last one year.

Technical Specifications for Nova Class ships in Bravo Fleet
expected duration: 50 years
time between resupply: 6 month
time between refit: 2 years
category: Explorer/Science vessel/Frigate

standard cruise velocity: Warp 5.00
maximum cruise velocity: Warp 8.00
emergency velocity [12 hours]: Warp 8.55

officers: 20
enlisted crew: 70
civilians: 10
maximum capacity: 125

Auxiliary Craft:
shuttle bays: 1
shuttles: 3
1 type-8 personal shuttles
1 type-9 personal shuttles
1 type-18 shuttle pods
attack fighters: 2
2 Razor Class fighters
runabouts: 1
1 Delta Flyer

8 type-VIII phaser banks
launchers: 2 ( 1 forward, 1 aft )
photon: 30
quantum: 10
hellfire: 10
transphaisic: 2
tri cobalt: 0
Klingon cloaking device: hull conformal

height: 34 meters
width: 55 meters
length: 140 meters
decks: 8

More to come later